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Seminar 1: Guest lecturer: Tom Whiston

Actual date as Weds 13th Jan.

Tom is a 2nd year MA student. He has been working since October 08 with  Max MSP and Arduino, to interface his sensor gloves with the computer and in another project he has used a camera signal into Jitter to trigger sounds in Logic via 8 trigger zones, in 2 rows of 4. He had designed and calibrated the software for a dance collaboration, but it was clear that the application would be flexible enough to recalibrate for a new project or projects. There was a huge amount of work done, all in Max, although at this stage I do not know enough about Arduino to know if he needed to program with it too. The video images passed thru the 8 zones triggering different sounds per zone. A drum machine program was also integrated into the sytem.

Tom could not bring the gloves to the lecture as the wiring was too fragile, but he showed some videos of his work. The gloves had sensors sending data via Arduino, reading several parameters including the proximity from one glove to the other, bending of fingers and tapping on the end of each finger. In the video, Tom was lit via a projector. I am not sure if the visuals were also triggered by the gloves, but the soundtrack certainly was and the whole production looked intergated.

It seemed a frightening amount of work with many many hours spent programming in Max. Impressive stuff and a good introductory seminar.


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